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Journal of the Optical Society of Korea 2009; 13(1): 28-32

Published online March 25, 2009 https://doi.org/10.3807/JOSK.2009.13.1.028

Copyright © Optical Society of Korea.

Radiography with Low Energy Protons Generated from Ultraintense Laser-plasma Interactions

Chang-Il Choi1, Dong-Hoon Lee1, Byoung-Hwi Kang1, Yong-Kyun Kim1, Il-Woo Choi2, Jae-Hee Sung2, Chul-Min Kim2, I-Jong Kim2, Tae-Jun Yu2, Seong-Ku Lee2, Ki-Hong Pae2, Nasr Hafz2, Tae-Moon Jeong2, Do-Kyeong Ko2, and Jong-Min Lee2

1Department of Nuclear Engineering, Hanyang University; 2Center for Femto-Atto Science and Technology, and Advanced Photonics Research Institute

Received: December 16, 2008; Revised: March 11, 2009; Accepted: March 11, 2009

In order to obtain high quality images of thin objects, we performed an experiment of proton radiography by using low energy protons generated from the interaction of an ultrashort ultraintense laser with solid targets. The protons were produced from a thin polyimide target irradiated by the laser pulse, and their maximum energy was estimated at up to 1.8 MeV. A CR-39 nuclear track detector was used as a proton radiography screen. The proton images were obtained by using an optical microscope and the spatial resolution was evaluated by a Modulation Transfer Function (MTF). We have achieved about $10\;{\mu}m$ spatial resolution of images. The obtained spatial resolution shows about $4{\sim}5$ times better value than the conventional X-ray radiography for inspection or non-destructive test (NDT) purpose.

Keywords: Proton radiography, Modulation transfer function, Ultraintense laser, CR-39, Spatial resolution,

OCIS codes: 140.0140; 140.3590; 120.5630; 350.4990

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